Thursday, October 23, 2008


I stayed up late last night working on some freelance, and then I got up early (after, of course waking up with the baby throughout the night morning). I was running late, so I didn't shave (for the second day in a row). And, to top it all off, I went to work wearing a bright red shirt that has a picture of a Humanzee holding a bowling pin on the front (not visible in the above artwork).

So, as the Fates would have it, it was at 4pm this afternoon that I discovered that I was to be interviewed at 4:30pm by, and give a little presentation of what I do at work (on camera, in my messy office... totally unrehearsed) to a nice Israeli girl who won some kind of fantastic tour/television appearance thing. I don't know when this is going to air in your country, but to any Israeli visitors to this blog who will go on to see my grotesque visage on your TV screens let me apologize in advance by saying, "Sorry about that."


Dominic said...

Any chance that interview will end up on YouTube?

Workhorse said...

thats hilarious dude

Sharon Spotbottom said...

I bet you were still a beauty!

Kenny P. said...

Dominic: I doubt it. It'll be on the cutting room floor, if anywhere.

Workhorse: Cruel, but hilarious, Fate.

Sharon: On the inside.