Monday, October 13, 2008



Holley T said... THAT is something quite interesting, any background info you could share with us?

kris.w said...

k, here's the thing:

so the page didn't load properly when i came to visit your blog today. this particular post's image was replaced by that annoying little empty white square which tells me "something you'd like to see goes here." so, before giving into intense frustration (as the refresh button wasn't solving the problem), i just tried clicking the annoying little epmty white square to see if the image would open up in a new page to cure my need for daily bizzare. now i know Kenny P's style, so i know it'll be gnarly and cool... but NOTHING could have prepared me for this image.

i LOST it!!

as soon as i saw this i literally found myself "LOL"-ing at such a sight! it hit the spot for the daily "WHAT THE...?!" and would definitely make it up on a true mantle of honor -- my mom's refridgerator. thanks Kenny!

Pat McMicheal said...

WOW...Just ONE boob?
I really dig your crazy mind! I'm right witcha.
Damn, That water doesn't look too healthy.

Kenny P. said...

Holley: Nope. Just doodling, and this is what I got.

Kris: Like a headless, mono-boobed jack-in-the-box from cyberspace! I'm glad you laughed.

Pat: Heh heh, yeah. One boob, no head, and fused legs. She may be a good swimmer, though.

ryan said...

asses are hot

david gemmill said...

this is kind of crazy. Funny slump. de-pressed diver