Friday, October 17, 2008


I have a story to tell you about something that happened to me last night, but first, here's a quick inflammatory political post for you. Oh, and here's a link to a video for background.


Anonymous said...

Dude, seriously, what are you doing with this?

Are you one of the hundred people who watch Olbermann? And if you are--do you really care about the background of Joe Wurzelbacher?

He asked a question which applied to millions of small business owners--myself included--and got the answer that Obama wants a socialistic redistribution of wealth. Apparently Joe should have known better than to question The One because he has incurred the furious wrath of the left for it.

So far the media has uncovered that he wasn't a licensed plumber although he never represented that he was, that he wasn't registered to vote--but he was, there was a misspelling in his name, that he has an unpaid tax lien (just like the Treasurer of the Obama Campaign), they speculated that he is a relative of Charles Keating and that *gasp* he lived at one time in Alaska when he was in the service.

It's odd that the media cannot investigate Obama's relationship with Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and ACORN with the same amount of enthusiasm.

Are you people totally deranged?

Your chosen Messiah picks a guy out of a ropeline who asks a question in which The Messiah reveals his socialist agenda and then the citizen asking the question must be subject to no end of obloquy, investigation and condemnation.

You are the new brownshirts.

Sharon Spotbottom said...

His drain is so clogged!

david gemmill said...

the underbite is great. I thought this post was gonna have baloo in a vest and Kit surfing on some stick. OOOWEEEOOO tailspin!

Domonymous said...

anonymous = an old brownshirt

Holley T said...

wow KP, you get some flaming anon's from time to time.



great pic KP!

Kenny P. said...

Anonymous: Thank you for your input on this matter.

Sharon: Totally.

David: Why is it that so often you can only see a politician's lower teeth when he speaks?

Holley: I know! He's the reason I decided to filter the comments on my blog. He tends to make personal attacks when he gets worked up for some reason-- almost like he resents me for some reason.

Vincent Waller said...

Haha. Anon: Nice try but no one is buying that lame argument....No One.

Obama explained his tax plan beautifully, if you clean the money out of your ears, you would hear it clearly too.
Paying an extra 4% on all the money you make over and above $250,000.
Thats net not gross.

Oh noooooooooo! Waaaaaaaaaa!Waaaaaaa!

Maybe you should try and float that "birth certificate" red herring.

Devon said...

Wow Kenny, anonymous is a bit of a freak! But I love your drawing, chipmunk McCain cheeks and all!

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhh---again--someone asks a question of a Presidential candidate and the reaction of Obama and the press corps is to examine his papers.

Everyone should be worked up about this reaction--how can you not be?

Anonymous said...

You literally have the world's most idiotic comments here:

dononymous: you apparently don't know what a brownshirt is.

Vincent: It's a lame argument when the press attacks the guy who asked the question rather than addressing the question itself??? How stupid can you be?

Devon: Explain why I am a bit of a freak....

domonymous said...

A classic example of brownshirt arrogance:

Anonymous believes that he’s a uniquely illuminated individual with a special task to fulfill - which is to admonish and insult the rest of us Americans for failing to understand his "brilliant" political thoughts. What he's proven to be is a master of ad hominem attacks.