Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Headlight Design

It seems to me that car designers have lost their minds. The shape of headlight housings are getting so ugly and baroque. Whatever happened to "the circle" or even "the ellipse?" Those are viable shapes-- harmonious and balanced when integrated into the overall design of the car. But, nowadays it seems like headlights are supposed to evoke "fierce eyes," or maybe "pizza slices." I think it looks terrible. Oh well.


david gemmill said...

haahhaha hilarious and true!!!!!!

my word verification is "trusteco"

its like some subliminal go-green propaganda. HMMM

becky said...

It's like, after seeing that post, I keep looking at other cars' headlights when I'm driving. It's like, " eyes...baroque ugliness...." I never noticed it before, but yeah! Ha ha ha!