Thursday, February 11, 2010

You Must Look!!!

It appears that we are going to have to see Sarah Palin in the news every few days for one manufactured reason or another until she is forever vanquished in 2012 after losing the presidential election by a landslide. At least we'll have a month's peace before the world ends on December 21st.

If you're lucky enough to have missed this story, then I apologize for bringing it up. But, it's just so infuriatingly entertaining that I have to mention it.

So, Rahm Emanuel used the word "retarded" in some closed-door meeting at the White House and months later, when the "story" came out, Sarah Palin acted as though she were deeply offended by his use of the word. When Rush Limbaugh used it, however, she wasn't bothered in the least. I'm not sure why I need to care about any of this, but OK, you've got my attention (and, that's what it's all about, isn't it? Getting us to pay attention to you? Any publicity is good publicity, right?) So, it got me thinking about how often "staunch conservatives" decry "political correctness." And, sure enough, when I googled "Palin, political correctness" I found all kinds of stuff about how against "political correctness" she is was. Does her sudden reversal make her a "Flip-Flopper?" Oh, wait, that title only applies to John Kerry. My mistake...How 2004 of me!

So predictable. So hypocritical. So cynical.

It's no wonder that so many of us try to tune the political circus out completely. All this posturing and play-acting is just too painful to endure. I suppose that's why the Supreme Court's ruling on campaign finance of a couple weeks ago, that in effect installs corporate rule and does away with democracy and representative government, caused barely a ripple. Maybe if the Supreme Court had explained that limiting corporate campaign financing retards the efficacy of the political process we would have heard more about it.


Adam Tavares said...

Your outrage is shared. The fact that woman gets media coverage at all anymore is depressing beyond belief.

david gemmill said...

i can't wait for the NWO, however it is going to come about, it's going to set everything straight.

The best i can do is try to secure an escape plan and a refuge for me and my buddies. :(

HonkyD said...

How I wish everything you say wasn't so true ... but it is. Well put, Kenny.

Johnnybaffo said...

I saw how she back peddled on the Limbaugh comments but I'm surprised she even commented on Emanual in the first place as he is a Republican and he was calling liberals retards. She still scares me, I don't know that she will be so easy to defeat. They made fun of Bush 2 and Ronald Reagan in much the same way. She may even start up some third party and charm the majority of the uninformed masses. I am also soooo sick of all this shit. Nothing gets done and the only thing DC is good at is spreading discontent.