Monday, February 01, 2010

Time Fungus

One of the most important things about doing a drawing is knowing when to stop.

Anyway, last night, I was thinking about the way age creeps up on us, and first I thought it was like a shadow, like advancing night, but that struck me as totally unoriginal. Then it occurred to me that it was more like a fungus-- creeping up, devouring knees, denuding the scalp...

So, this began as a drawing about that, but, when I got to the point you see it here, I stopped because it's such an ambiguous image. It could be about anything. If I had "finished" it, I would have killed it. I would have narrowed its range of possibilities to one degree.


david gemmill said...

cool drawing! haha i thought it was like that weird girl from 101 dalmations, or whatever, those weird disney villain ladies...but better obviously. maybe hes crawling out of curly fries. I like the long fingernails to suggest that point in life where old people stop grooming their nail lengths because they're old and forget about it.

becky said...

Makes me think of a George Washington-ish Poudered Wig guy.