Friday, February 19, 2010

Magick Lens

Sometimes I think about pitching my own show. I even have a decent idea rolling around in my head. I just have so many other things that take up my time. Also, I'm lazy.

Anyway, what I drew here is a result of my thinking about how to get a project past the idea-stage and out into the world as a real damn thing. Maybe it doesn't illustrate my thinking exactly, but that's OK. I was thinking that one way to approach the process would be to take some time to visualize the show (or whatever it is) as an already-finished type of thing. Make it a mental reality. See it as complete and successful and all I ever wanted it to be. See it impacting the world; see it being seen and appreciated by others; maybe even see it making some kind of positive change.

Then, somehow, the image must be made manifest-- it must be projected onto the world until it takes physical form. It's like a Tulpa--a thought-form that becomes an actual entity in the physical realm.

Of course, it's not good enough to sit back and imagine things all day. That's mental masturbation. One must act! One must direct one's energy toward the goal. It's not enough to simply build the form, one must fill the form with concrete and allow it to harden.

Looking at the drawing, I wonder whether the finished form should somehow be visualized as inverted. How would that work? Maybe I should stand on my head during the visualization process. Ha ha!


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I can't read the above comment, but if you want to go see scantily clad women, then you can click on the link. I know it was left as spam, but maybe it is a kind of unintentional comment on my blog entry, only on a deep, synchronistic, spooky level. What could it mean?