Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I think these are the two most hackneyed cliches that come out of the "discussion" on global warming. A "wake-up call"? Really? Is the whole planet enjoying a pleasant stay at the Marriott? "Good morning Humans, it's 7AM and this is your courtesy call. Thank you, and enjoy your stay." I think it's more like a sledge-hammer to the kneecaps, personally. "Hey idiot, you're destroying your home!"
And, the "Jury." OK, maybe it appears that the "jury" is still out to some folks. If those folks took the time to open up the door to the jury room and check on the "jury" they'd probably find that the "jury" was washed away in record flooding, or burnt up in "the hottest July on record."


becky said...

Yeah, man! Livin' in New Hampshire, you could really tell cuz the snow didn't stay on the ground like it used to. It just melted awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

sharon spotbottom said...

mmm, fuzzy warm globe.