Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This is me drawing. I ought to spend more time on each one, but as you can see I'm under a deadline! Ha ha. This one's inspired by Hans Holbein's "Totentanz: The Dance of Death" woodcuts. They're so good. Go look at them. You'll see...You'll come back and spit on mine. I did mine with a sharpie, though...and in under an hour. Poop on you! Ha.


becky said...

Wow, man! It's odd cuz I was thinkin' 'bout tarot cards for the last hour or so, and your drawling reminds me of a tarot card, man.

sharon spotbottom said...

Maybe i can draw that well if i use a sharpie...and inhale real deep!

B. Kelley-Lossada said...

sell that puppy! :)