Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I googled myself, and was surprised by how many places that short videoclip of my artwork from the Open Studio Tour shows up. Too bad that's my most prominent claim to internet fame. Too bad that reggae song is playing in the background.


becky said...

Yeah, man, I've tried that, but sorta stopped tryin' it cuz it was a li'l depressing. My claim to fame is a conference I presented a poster at that I attended with my freakish ex-boyfriend from hell. It's fun to google search ex-significant-others to see if they're dead yet.

Jeff Gill said...

wow, you weren't kiddin... that music in the background really does suck!

becky said...

Oh, gawd, it's even worse! I cain't find myself anymore! But if you google "enosdrive" I pop right up!

sharon spotbottom said...

there's a lovely irish actress in the dublin theater with my name.
i'd love to go see her one day.
nice art show clip.
hey, maybe if you make your own art show clip and post it then that will be the prime google result.