Thursday, August 10, 2006

Is This You?

Unless this is you (or you are similarly inflicted) you ought to use your turn signals.


sharon spotbottom said...

It was about 1971 and i was riding in a taxi with that guy driving. He told me to never drive with my arm out the window. i never have (true story).

becky said...

Maybe everybody in Rhode Island has that affliction, cuz NOBODY there used their turn signals. Today, I saw a person who had his/her turn signal on for like 5 minutes and didn't do anthing. That was annoying. Then there was another person who drove like 10 miles an hour and didn't use their turn signal to indicate they were gonna turn, and I'm all, why are you driving 10 miles an hour? And I went around him and then he turned and I'm all OH, he was turning. Driving people are annoying (cuz they SUCK at it). Sorry for the long comment.