Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Here's the flyer I made and put up all over the place lastnight. (Of course, I didn't blur out the phone number on the ones I posted). No response yet.
I don't really feel like drawing funny stuff today.


Devon said...

Kenny, I'm so sorry about Taffy, I'm hoping for his safe return.

Dominic said...

Taffy's a beautiful cockatiel. Hope he flies home soon!

becky said...

I'm still praying, man. I'm so sorry. I wouldn't feel like drawing funny pictures, either.

sharon spotbottom said...

Oh my stars!!
Sorry!! I hope Taffy is flying high and will find his way home soon.
Calling all birds, calling all birds: tell Taffy to phone home.
Humane society usually has a hotline for lost/found animals. Craigslist?
Great poster. I have had pet finding success in the past with posters.

Kenny P. said...

We got a call this morning from someone who found a pile of grey feathers, but when we went to investigate we determined that it couldn't have been taffy because the feathers were to large and the wrong shape, etc.
That was scary.
Thanks for the support everyone!